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Heart of hearts

May 29, 2007

I don't know why, but every year around this time, things tend to get a bit much for me... Why this time of year? Well, My birthday is almost here. This specific time in my life usually makes me asses the past year of my life. Usually it happens to be I have had absolute hell at work at some stage... I lost more friends than I made (through my own doing or maybe not) and I am nowere close to where I had hoped to be in my life...


Depression sets in. To make it worse, I have done a stage production a long time ago, and the troupe I did shows with split up. I decided not to join them again when the re-formed, but said to the person in charge that I would like to do my role again if they ever decide to stage the production I did with them again. I got promised that they will let me know. I found out on at the weekend that they ARE staging this specific production again, but no one bothered to tell me about it... The problem is, I have recorded voice overs for the production...

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Why I did it

May 14, 2007

SO, it has been ages since anything happened on this site. At one stage this used to be a site on which I aired my mind. I used it to get rid of all those pesky cobwebs that so easily start building up, clogging up your rational thought processes. This site used to also be a site for Ramp Dickwads, but no more! This site will  now be all about ME... I used to be called dreamztorm... everybody on the net knew me as such, but my name is no longer important. My stories are. Some will be fact, some will be fiction, some will make you laugh and some will make you cry, but they will always be special to me, and hopefully to all reading it. Maybe this will help me regain some sort of balance yet again, and make me understand my own life

La Croix Sweety!

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